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Why Your Business Needs Social Proof

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Why Your Business Needs Social Proof

What is social proof?


Just like it sounds, it’s proof that your business does what you say it will do. As business owners, we can talk all day long about how great we are, and make all these promises. That’s easy to do!


But what are other people saying about your business? This is where social proof comes in. The “social” part here is social media, of course. What are people saying about you online?

Starts With Service


Obviously, the first step in having a good reputation is to offer a great service. After that, I have found that the more active you are on social media the more people will talk about you! Social media is the new word of mouth—we don’t talk with our mouths so much anymore so much as with our fingers, online.


What My Clients Have Experienced



What I’ve noticed with my clients is that when we’re posting videos and pictures on social media, people tend to comment on them. They leave comments like “They did a great job!” It gives people a warm and fuzzy feeling about your business. Yes, people may find your business on Google, but that’s not enough. These days people check you out before they decide to do business with you. They check out your Facebook page. They look to see what your reviews are there, what your employees look like. They go through your videos. When they do this they know that it’s not just that you say you do a great job, they can see that you do it! You’re not just saying you do fantastic landscaping projects, you can back that up showing off the ones you’ve actually done! This is proof that you actually do the work you say you do.



How I Show Off My Clients’ Work



This is why I go to my clients’ locations to take pictures and make videos. One of my clients is a remodeling company, so I go to their kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects and show off the work. This way their clients know they don’t just say they do amazing bathroom remodels, they can see the proof with their own eyes! We do before and after pictures, which shows off the whole scope of their abilities and the quality of their work.


So get out your cameras! Take some before and after pictures. Make some videos of your projects! You’ll love the results!


Your Next Step


If you’re thinking, “Okay Mario, this sounds great but I don’t have the time!” Or maybe you don’t know how to post these things, or you just don’t want to. That’s okay! We can handle that for you. If you want more people to believe the promises that you’re making, and get ahead with social proof, I’d love to help you with that! Just shoot us an email at We’d love to sit down with you and show you how we can help your business grow!

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