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Why Your Facebook Page Is The Tiebreaker

Facebook page is tiebreaker


Okay business owners, today I want to talk about how your business page can often be the tiebreaker if you’re going up against bids from other companies.


Multiple Bids


A homeowner will typically get 2-3 bids on work to be done on their home—unless they’ve been following your Facebook page for a while or they’re on your email list as a previous client, in which case they’ll choose you based on the work you did for them before. But let’s say you’re new to them, and you’re up against 2-3 competing bids.


Stop Competing On Price


Our goal for our clients is to always be chosen based on things other than price. We never want our clients to have to be the lowest bidder to win business. We want them to be chosen because they’re better because they do better quality work than their competitors.


Put Yourself In Your Potential Customer’s Shoes


I bring this up because often potential customers will find you on Google and will look for some way to decide between you and competing businesses. Let’s say that your pricing is about the same as your competition, and the potential client liked both your sales rep and the competition’s sales rep. What sets you apart? In this case, it’s often your Facebook page that makes the difference. Your Facebook page will make your potential client feel warm and fuzzy in their gut. We know that people buy based on their gut feeling more than on the facts that their brain analyzes, so we want to give clients those warm, fuzzy feelings. If you’re using your Facebook page well and posting pictures and videos of your projects, your team, team celebrations, etc., those things could be what separates you from Company ABC who doesn’t even have a Facebook page. Your Facebook page will make a human connection with your client. If your Facebook page is active and up to date and your competitor has a page but hasn’t updated it since last year, your page will be the one that welcomes the client and inspires trust.

Your Next Step


So make sure you’re keeping your Facebook page up to date! And not with random inspirational quotes, but with pictures of your actual work. Pictures of projects. Proof that you’re out there doing work, and that your work is of fantastic quality.


If you’re not sure how to make this happen, I’d love to help you out! I’ll show you how your Facebook page can be the tiebreaker that gets you the business!

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