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Why Your Revenue Increases From Social Media

why your revenue increases from social media

Why Your Revenue Increases From Social Media

What I Hear From My Clients



I just had a meeting with one of my clients. We were going over our game plan for the next couple of months, and he mentioned something to me that really stuck out. He said, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but we’re busier than we’ve ever been!”

Actually, this is a common thing I hear from my clients after their first few months of working with me. I think the reason business picks up so much because really what we do is we put a magnifying glass over what you are already doing in your business. If you have a great service and we put our magnifying glass over that (putting videos on Facebook, taking pictures of your team, before and after pictures of your projects), more people are going to be able to see how great you are. When this happens, the revenue has to go up!


What People Will Start Telling You


This is the number one benefit of having a Facebook strategy. Specifically, the strategy I use for my clients causes their revenue to go up. It’s very similar to hiring a personal trainer or getting on a nutrition plan. The scale can sometimes lie—you might be getting fitter and healthier, but you might not see the weight loss at first. Similarly, you may not get direct leads from Facebook, and people may not come to you saying “I saw you on Facebook.” But you’ll be getting more referrals and your revenue will be going up.


Just like weight loss before the scale goes down, you don’t see a change yourself but your clothes will start fitting better and people will be telling you how great you look. You start to feel better about yourself. You can’t tie it back to one workout, but you’ve made a commitment to a healthier lifestyle and you’re getting a response.


More Referrals, Not Necessarily Trackable Leads


This is the same thing my clients find. They may not be able to tie it back to one post or anything specific that we’re doing, but with the combination of our videos and posts, and the comments our clients leave, they find that people are coming up to them saying they’ve seen the videos. They share their information. The referrals go up, and the revenue goes up.


Your Next Step


Even if you don’t use us, I highly encourage you to start putting content on Facebook—videos, pictures or a combination of both. Try it and let me know what kind of results you get!


If you don’t have time to do any of this yourself, we’re here to help!  Get in contact with me today, and when you market with Mario you profit with Mario!

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